Adventure Tourism in Riobamba;
The Main Activities and Attractions

Looking for some adventure? Want to do something new and exciting? My friend you are on the right page.

Right here are all the best activities and attractions this town has to offer!

I have hunted down every; Last. One. For. You:)

The main tourists points! Awesome stuff you don't want to miss.

So don't forget to pack your camera!

The heart of Ecuador (a.k.a. Riobamba) is surrounded by four snow-capped volcanoes.

Indigenous legends say these volcanoes protect the town,

this mesmerizing place has the perfect balance between nature and comfortable city-life!

No matter what part of this town you find yourself in, there is always something or someone (Baltazar Ushca) worth capturing on film.

Riobamba literally is picture perfect! The adventure tourism Riobamba has to offer you won't find anywhere else in the world! Yes, in the world.

From parks to church's to places were almost everything is made-out-of-leather (a.k.a. Guano) in this town you are guaranteed to give your camera a work out!

Have you or your friends and family ever been to Ecuador?

If so have you guys ever tried any of the activities and attractions Riobamba has to offer? Let me know below.

Visit Beautiful Guano


Guano is a small village which is famous for its carpet and rug weaving industry, it is just a 10 minute bus ride away from Riobamba. And believe me it is well worth the trip! The people here are known for being hard working.  As I always remind you my dear reader please remember to bring you're camera and this time your bathing suite. Click here to read more about Guano.

The Indian Market is an outdoor eBay!


Want to know why I call Riobamba's Indian market an outdoor eBay?
Well because on Saturdays (mostly Saturdays) and Wednesdays fairs you can find anything at a bargain price! That's right anything!  Especially on the Saturday fairs. It's like an outdoor eBay except you don't have to pay shipping or wait for it to arrive in the mail!  Click here to read more about the Indian Markets

See The Guayaquil Park


The park Guayaquil is the largest park in Riobamba, often called the Children's/kids park due to the massive crowds of families with kids that arrive to enjoy the park. This park has something for everyone, from swings, jungle gyms, to slides, and ice cream shops, and an open area for playing basketball or volleyball there is even a man-made lake! Fun for the whole family! Click here to read more about the Guayaquil Park

Visit The Maldonado Park


The Maldonado Park is another one of Riobamba's main tourists attractions that you just can't miss! The Maldonado was built to honor Riobamba's wise and "most notable Hispanic scientist of the Cologne, Pedro Vicente Maldonado". Riobamba may not be Ecuador's largest town, but it sure is has a way of keeping its tourists entertained! Click here to read more about the Maldonado Park

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