Easy Ecuadorian Recipes

Easy Ecuadorian Recipes are not only healthy and budget friendly but like most Ecuadorian food, it keeps you satisfied for hours!

Tired of the same old tuna casserole? 

Or maybe you just had Mac and cheese for the umpteenth time?

Want to spice up the dinner table while still staying within budget range?

Believe me Ecuadorian food is the best recession food ever!

Here are the top 3 traditional Ecuadorian family meals.

Although I can understand why most people are afraid of trying foreign country recipes, takes too many hours to make, too expensive, can't find the right ingredient’s, etc.

One of the reasons might be because they look so darn complicated, really most foreign country recipes books I've seen have pics, that look like they've been photo shopped!

Allow me to assure you that with Ecuadorian recipes that is not that case, everything you needs is probably already in your fringe or can be bought at your local grocery store.

And if you’re worried that you might have to have a chief's diploma to prepare some of the following recipes, don't, Ecuadorian food and Ecuadorian cuisine in general is quite simple to make.

Even if you just know how to boil water as long as you follow the recipe(s) to a tee, I assure you, you'll be fine;)

Now on a different note, if it's extra praise you seek by your friends and family tell them at the dinner table about all the scarifies (wink) you just made, (ex. hours in the kitchen, almost couldn't find the rare ingredient’s, spent  extra on food shopping) just  to make a new, healthy and delicious meal for them.

And how you rightfully deserve for them to wash all the dishes and later give you a foot message.

It’s alright I promise it will be our little secret, just remember not to show them the recipe(s) or else they'll know you were bluffing!

Top 3 Traditional Ecuadorian Family Meals:

Llapingachos Made Easy

Llapingachos is a traditional Ecuadorian meal that can be made in any kitchen. Like most Ecuadorian food this meal is healthy, budget friendly and easy to make. Make meal time, family time again.  Click here for the recipe.

Seco de Pollo or Ecuadorian Chicken Stew Made Easy

Seco de Pollo or Ecuadorian chicken stew Made Easy is a great way to spice up your dinner table, and make your kids asking for seconds and even thirds!  Believe me it's really a delicious shock to anyone who's never eaten it before. Click here for the recipe.

Encebollado Made Easy

Encebollado de pescado or "tuna pickled onion soup" is the ultimate Ecuadorian recipe. This soup is the most popular dish in Ecuador. That's right among the 14 million Ecuadorian people, this is their favorite food. Click here for the recipe.

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