Guano in Ecuador,
A Great Place For Tourist's To Visit!

Here are a few reason's to visit Guano.

This small village, in Ecuador famous for its carpet and rug weaving industry, and is just a 10 minute bus ride away from Riobamba. And believe me it is well worth the trip! The people here are known for being hard working.As I always remind you my dear reader please remember to bring your camera, and this time you're bathing suite.

How To Get There:

There are many ways to get to this village. The one that I have found to be the easiest (and cheapest) is first either walking or taking a taxi to the "Plaza Davalos".

As I have said before all taxi rides usually cost 1.50, but feel free to tip. Once you arrive at the "Plaza Davalos" be sure to take the dark green bus the reads "20 de Diciembre".

These buses are almost always parked by the open-area of the Plaza Davalos. Usually a bus or two park there every 30 minutes.

This bus ride cost about 50 cents and takes you straight to Guano, but if you like you can get off at "Los Elene's" public pool that is well worth the detour. Oops! You forgot your bathing suite! Don't worry you can either rent or buy a bathing suite at the entrance of "Los Elene's".


Why Go?

Tourism is one of Guano's main income streams, just like Riobamba. And obviously in Ecuador tourism places a big role in the countries income.

The people of Guano love tourists! So you will be treated kindly and with respect.

As soon as you arrive to this village you will see an enormous park with tall trees,  and a bush that spells the word "Guano", stone seats, and yellow and red flowers. Did someone say photo op? Another reason to visit is the famous "Los Elene's" public pool. Here there are underground pools with slides.

As well as two in-door pools, one of than is a half the size of an Olympic pool! Also steam rooms, Turkish baths, and a Jacuzzi. The snack-bar sells water, sodas, and meals that cost 2 to 3 dollars a plate. Admission cost 2 dollars for adults and 1 dollar for kids. This village's church is another attraction.


What To Eat There?

Be sure to bring your appetite! Why? Because this village's sausage is famous even in Riobamba!

The typical dish is a plate of fresh mote (white corn that has been boiled and salted), on a plate next to a crisp green salad with homemade hot sauce, next to fried potato tortillas with a few pieces of fried sweet plantains, last but not least a juicy and crisp mouthwatering sausage!

And to top it all off, water?  No, soda?  Maybe...aha, an ice cold beer! Yes, the perfect complement for such a delicious meal!

In this village it seems like every day is Oktoberfest day. So do you have any room for desert? If so, you just got to try one of two (or both!) options for desert.

Number one is the one hundred (and counting) year old traditional delight in this village. Cholas. What? Yes, Cholas, here I'll explain.

 A chola is made of a sort of biscuit like dough, with a center stuffed with delicious brown sugar; it is then rolled into a ball and later baked in a wood-burning oven. You usually get 7 for a dollar.

WARNING: Tourist beware. Eat at own risk. Once you have tasted a chola you might not be able to stop. The people of Guano will not be held responsible for any sudden addiction to cholas. Just kidding ;)

The second option for desert is a childhood favorite, homemade ice cream. The ice cream made in this village sure beats the store bought stuff!

Here they have even invented new flavors! Anyone up for a scoop of avocado ice cream? I for one will stick to chocolate.

The best part about tourism/vacations, souvenir shopping!

Don't forget to bring a piece of Ecuador back home! In this village almost every store sells hand-made rugs and carpets.

Some other hand-made souvenirs are: leather shoes, leather boots, leather belts, leather hats, leather wallets, and leather purses.

The hand-made rugs and carpets are so beautiful you won't want to wipe your feet on them! No way. Most people buy these rugs and carpets to hang them on the wall of their homes as if they were paintings!

Makes sense since most rugs and carpets have beautiful scenery's and decorations weaved in to them. Such as: the many volcanoes of Riobamba, llamas climbing the Chimborazo, and indigenous people selling corn. These are the most common scenes weaved in to the rugs.

Whether you chose to visit "Los Elene's" public pool, or try the sausage and cholas, or buy the person you love the most, that leather jacket or that blue woven carpet. Or all of the above! One thing is for sure you can't leave Riobamba without visiting Guano.

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