Holidays in Ecuador,
Parades, And Other Fun Festivals!

Are there any holidays in Ecuador and Riobamba? Yes.This town is constantly having parties and parades!

That one of the great thing about living in here!

Riobamba light's up when it comes to the holidays!

Want to know one of the great things about living in Riobamba?

Most months have at least one major parade or long weekends!

Students from all the schools and high schools in Riobamba are all dressed up in colorful costumes.

And big pickup trucks are rented for the day.

With their backs loaded with huge speakers that play folkloric music while the dress-up students dance.

Then the side walk's starts to over-flow with people that are from and aren't from Riobamba.


As you can imagine traffic is slow that day, but the locals don't seem to mind.

After all what would you prefer to see when you're stuck in traffic, a garbage truck piled high or a mesmerizing colorful parade right in front of your car window!

My family and I will always choose the second option!

Thinking about taking a vacation to see how we celebrate the holidays in Ecuador? 

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When To Go:

I would recommend tourist's to visit the heart of this country (a.k.a Riobamba) when the holidays in Ecuador are just around the corner.

December 6th- January 6th seems to be the most popular time to visit among tourist's.

Since Ecuador's most common religion is Catholic most of its festivals and parades follow the Roman Catholic Calendar.

Below some of the holidays in Ecuador and the most popular festivals in Riobamba. Find out ahead of time when the festivals are and plan your accommodations.

Check Out The Calendar Below, That List's All The Holidays in Ecuador!

January 1st
News Year's day, time to do better then you did last year, and to keep your New Year's Resolution!

January 6th
Three Kings Day, and the time of the year most families in Riobamba and Ecuador take down their Christmas trees.

February 12th
This date is very important to Galapagos; it's the day the Amazon river was discovered.

February 27th
National community Spirit Day...this should be celebrated every day!


Carnival is always celebrated on an extended weekend's right before ash Wednesday. The extravagant way we celebrate Carnival here in Riobamba and Ecuador! Celebrating Carnival means water fights, colorful parades, huge feasts, and dancing until the next day.

Sometimes people throw colored powder and water balloons, the whole idea is to get messy (or better yet, get some else messy) and have a good time! But if "getting messy" is not your thing just extend your hand out and say "NO" politely.

A stranger will usually ask you before they throw any water your way. But believe me sometime it's so hot during Carnival instead of saying "NO" to the water you'll be saying "MORE". At least that's been my case.

Easter and Holy week
Religious processions, parades and the world famous Fanecsa.

What is Fanesca? Well it's a delicious stew made with dried fish usually from Galapagos and 12 different grains and vegetables each grain represents a saint.

This stew only cost's 3 dollars a plate or should I say bowl, and is available through-out the whole Holy Week after that it is impossible to find (so don't miss your chance to try it) unless of course you make it yourself.

There is only one down side to the famous Fanesca and I would feel bad if I didn't tell you, but each plate has over 2000 calories!

Ouch! Wait that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it! My recommendation? After you eat the fanesca. Wait an hour before having dessert and/or take a long walk on one of Riobamba beautiful parks. Whatever you do, try the fanesca!!

Trust me you're gonna love it!

May 1st
Labor Day
Parades, dancing and food festivals fill the streets of Riobmaba. No banks or government offices open.

May 24th
Battle of Pichincha No banks or government offices open.
In 1822 Ecuador's most important battle in the war for independence was fought. That's why there is military and civilian parades this day.

Corpus Cristi parades and dancing on the 9th Thursday right after Easter.

June 24th
Saint John the Baptist celebrations all over the Catholic Community.

June 29th
Saint Peter and Paul celebrations all over the Catholic Community.

July 24th
Simon Bolivar's (the famous South American Liberator) Birthday
Happy birthday, Mr. Liberator , happy birthday to you!

July 25th
Guayaquil's, Founder Day

August 10th
Quito Independence Day

Ecuador's harvest festivals

October 9th
Guayaquil Independence Day

October 12th
Columbus Day known here in Ecuador as "Day of the race"

November 1st
All Saints Day

November 2sd
The Day of the dead here in Ecuador families visit the cemetery's to give maintenance to the grave-yard and leave flowers. People try to only wear purple and black clothing on this day. They celebrate by drinking "colada morada" which is a thick hot purple oatmeal drink made with all kinds of fruit, and eating "guaguas de pan "or white bread rolls shaped as children decorated and filled with jam, caramel or chocolate. It is a very spiritual day.

November 3rd
Cuenca Independence Day

November 11th
Latacunga Independence Day

December 6th
Quito's Founder Day, and in Riobamba-Ecuador the day many family's first put up the Christmas tree.

December 24th
Christmas Eve.

December 25th
Christmas Day

December 28-31st
In Riobamba-Ecuador we end the year by making wishes and burning human figurines exactly at midnight. Strangely enough most human figurines look like many politicians!

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