The Indian Market Is...
An outdoor eBay!

Want to know why I call Riobamba's Indian market an outdoor eBay?

Well because on Saturdays (mostly Saturdays) and Wednesdays,

fairs you can find anything at a bargain!

That's right anything! Especially on the Saturday fairs.

It's like an outdoor eBay except you don't have to pay shipping or wait for it to arrive in the mail! 

Just pay and walk away.

As always bargaining is a big part of the fun, so don't be shy!

Saturday market fair's transform Riobamba!

Seriously, it's hard enough to find were to walk since there are always people (buying and selling) on the sidewalks. Makes you feel sorry for the people who are driving that day!

 Riobamba's main income source, is from the agricultural production from the nearby villages, so it makes sense that the town is mostly open-air markets, filled with indigenous people who come to sell their goods.

Thousands of people from all over the providence of Chimborazo, arrive as early as four in the morning to Riobamba to choose the best spots to unload and sell their goods.
On Saturdays every market and plaza in town is fills with vendors and buyers.

Sure it sounds heck-tic and sometimes it even is! But you have to understand that the Saturday fairs are not the only main in come source for the people of Riobamba.

But the Saturday fair is also a tourist attraction! 

That's right I've seen a lot more tourists on Saturday mornings then I've ever seen on any other day.

It's easy to tell when it's a tourist's first Saturday fair. How? Easy, they look scared! HA. But once they get used to all the commotion they calm down and reach for their cameras or their wallets to take photos and buy souvenirs.

Scroll down to see the list of Riobamba's most popular markets and plaza's each is unique in its own way.

Riobamba's most popular Markets

Market La Merced


Want to really experience traditional Ecuadorian food? The market La Merced is located in the center of Riobamba, and is one of Ecuador many tourists attractions.

La Merced is an indoor market with food stands; this place really does have the most delicious tasting traditional food in all of Riobamba. Volcanic ice in your glass! Click here to read more about this market.

Market La Condamine


La Condamine in Riobamba is a two floors indoor market, as well as one of the many tourists’ attractions in town. It opens from Monday-Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The Condamine is the only market in Riobamba that has an escalator.

Also here they sell all kinds of clothes for women, men, and children not to mention its perfect for groceries, souvenir, and clothes shopping all at once! Click here to read more about this market.

Market San Alfonso


San Alfonso is one of the many colorful open-air markets located in the providence of the Chimborazo, and unlike other plazas this one is always open.

Ecuador is a country where most of its people prefer to buy their groceries, clothing, and other common everyday items in open air markets. Click here to read more about this market.

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