Riobamba's local weather Is...
Absolutely Beautiful

Riobamba's local weather is it any good? Yes. No. Wait. Definitely yes.

If there is one thing I have learned from living here for over a decade is that the beautiful weather here is persistent.

Sure the town is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes so I can understand

why everyone thinks it's always cold here.

But let me tell you there has been many times when I have actually gotten a tan!

I'm sorry to say that I have heard many tourist complain that their vacations were ruined due to the bad weather.

In my opinion it's not that they have bad luck or that Riobamba's weather is terrible (because it's not) it's just that they just didn't stay here long enough to experience the beautiful weather the providence of the Chimborazo has to offer.

Which I find strange, to spend only a week or less in Riobamba? When this place is known for its cheap and unforgettable vacations!

I'm not saying that the weather in Riobamba is never rainy or gloomy, just like ever other place in the world. But even when "it's raining cats and dogs" something in the air is left behind.

An aroma.

The smell of rain.

The smell of wet grass.

The tranquility that comes after the storm.

But (sigh) many tourist leave before they can experience all this.

But who am I to talk, maybe they didn't know or maybe they just didn't have enough time. Maybe next time. Maybe.

This is Riobamba's Local Weather Not a Cloud In The Sky!

Another thing I noticed is that the sun seems to always come out in the afternoon well, at least most of the time.

Riobamba located in the center of Ecuador, in the sierra region, and it has wet and dry season’s with a near constant temperature year round.

The closeness of the (extinct) volcano Chimborazo gives Riobamba a cool climate feeling with temperature’s normally averaging between 14°c and 23°c.

In the middle of September you will notice that the weather in Riobamba starts to change, the sun that always seemed to be hiding behind clouds is now high in the blue cloudless sky.

The heat is on. Literally. It's the perfect weather for Carnival or other festival(s) in Riobamba. The cold days are gone and are now being replaced with beautiful sunny mornings. Sunglasses, hats, and sun block are highly recommended for this beach like weather.

But just because there are no beaches here doesn’t mean you still can’t go for a swim. In fact there are many indoor and outdoor public pools for all to enjoy. I honestly hope that if you ever visit you get a chance to experience the amazing weather here in Riobamba. Until then!

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