Market La Condamine

The market La Condamine in Riobamba is a two floors indoor market,

as well as one of the many tourist attractions in town.

It opens Monday-Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

This market is quite similar to Mercado La Merced with only two main differences.
One is it is the only market in Riobamba that has an escalator. And two here they sells all kinds of clothes for women, men, and children not to mention its perfect for groceries, souvenir, and clothes shopping all at once!


On the first floor you will find: all kinds fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood. As well as food stands click here to see prices and what's on the menu.


This market is perfect for having a long relaxing lunch to have some energy to go souvenir shopping. Here you can find Riobamba's Traditional roasted pork and other typical dishes.

Energy to go souvenir shopping?


Let's be honest, if you (men) are going shopping with girls you will need the energy. Energy to carry all the bags, of course! End of story.

At least that's what my brother always says, he hates to go shopping with my mom and me.

Especially on Saturdays when its fair day in Riobamba and this market is packed as is all the other markets and plazas.


You'd think that after ten years of visiting this market he'd be used to it by now! Nope, no luck he still complains.

Maybe it's because he carries all the bags?

Anyway Saturdays are the best days to buy everything you need for a lower price. Mainly because it's the day, when most of the shoppers bargain more than ever with the sellers to get the lowest prices.


After all bargaining is a big part of shopping in Ecuador. And not to mention it's fun! If you know how to.

Of course, no one beats my mom at bargaining!

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