Market La Merced

The Market La Merced is a large indoor market with food stands

it's located in the center of Riobamba.

And is one of the towns main tourist's attractions.

So have your camera ready.

The way these people stock the fruit and vegetables is a colorful work of art. Don't believe me?  Look at the pics below.

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You will see that (almost) everyone who comes to visit Ecuador always takes pictures of markets with fruits and vegetables piled miles high! 

Fruits and Vegetables Stacked Miles High!


Here you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, and even seafood.

Want to really experience traditional Ecuadorian food?

This market is thee place, to savor the best typical Ecuadorian food.


Anyone in the mood for roasted pork or clams perhaps?


As in many (or should I say all) of the markets in Riobamba, here bargaining for the best price is part of the fun while shopping for groceries. So don't be shy and enjoy the process!  

The people who work at the market La Merced are very friendly and love to see tourists.

How about crabs or sausage with potato tortillas?


Where else in the world can you get a milkshake made with ice from a volcano?

Yes that's right, milkshakes with volcanic ice in them!

Something tells me your local ice cream shop won't be able to beat that!

Volcanic Ice In Your Glass!


When you're in Riobamba you have to stop by this market to try these 100% natural juices (above) made with ice from the Chimborazo brought to you by Baltazar Ushca!

On Thursday and Fridays Baltazar climbs the Chimborazo, to collect the chunks of ice to sell in the Riobamba's fair on Wednesday and Saturdays in markets like La Condamine and the San Alfonso market.

The snack bar across the market a place you won't want to miss!

In case your just not in the mood or got tired of the food stands in the market La Merced all you have to do is walk a few feet, and there is a sandwich and milkshake bar called "Mr. Pickles". 

And you guessed it he sell pickles!

My sisters and I love coming here, maybe because this is the only snack bar in Riobamba!


They also sell coffee, the best moist chocolate cake, and other foods such as pickles with vegetables, soda's, beers and ice cold bottled water. It's a nice place with a 60's style theme decoration.

The owner is easy to recognize, his thick mustache is famous in all Riobamba. And he is very nice to.

If I had to guess, I would say he is French. Why? Well, because every time I go there he calls me mademoiselle! 

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