The Mount Chimborazo


The mount Chimborazo is the highest volcano in Ecuador, located in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes.

It is also a pride to the people of Riobamba and Ecuador.

This inactive volcanoes last known eruption is believed to have occurred around 550 A.D.

The summit of this peak is the point on the Earth's surface that is the farthest from the Earth's center.

It's neighbor to the Carihuairazo volcano, with a height of 5,018m.

The top of this volcano is completely covered by glaciers. This peaks ice is mined by the last the "Iceman" of Riobamba" Baltazar Ushca!
If you wish to climb this peak or any of the other surrounding mountains, there are many travel agencies and hotels in Riobamba that offer trips to visit the volcano, and also provide experienced guides.

The best month's to climb this inactive volcano are: December-January, and July-August.

Popular nicknames for this volcano, in Quechua are: "Ice-throne of God", and "Mountain of Ice".

Legend has it, that this volcanoes nickname is "Taita".  Which in Quechua in means "father" and the Tungurahua is often called "Mama".

Hence "Taita" Chimborazo and "Mama" Tungurahua in other words according to indigenous mysticism, these two volcanoes are married!

Want a piece of ice from the volcano without having to climb it?

You're in luck!  Now you can get a chuck of ice from this volcano for less then one dollar!

How you ask?  Simple come to the market La Merced on Saturdays.

In La Merced you can find 100% natural juices and shakes made with ice straight from the volcano! Courtesy of, Baltazar Ushca.

Many tourist enjoy there delicious juices, and milkshakes while looking in direction of the peak and marvel at the fact that the ice in their glass came from the majestic volcano.

Many decide in honor to Baltarzar Ushca, to drink it slowly and really enjoy it.

The locals say the ice contains healing powers and provide energy (perfect for mountain climbers) and wellbeing for all those who drink it.   

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