Riobamba Parks

There are many beautiful Riobamba parks that you just have to visit! Along with many other awesome tourists attractions!

The Maldonado another one of Riobamba's many colorful green areas.

It was built to honor the wise and "the most notable Hispanic scientist of

the Cologne, Pedro Vicente Maldonado".

Riobamba may not be Ecuador's largest town, but it sure is has a way of keeping it's tourists entertained!

No matter where you are in this town you will surely run into a beautiful Indian market or a colorful plaza!

The Maldonado is one of the many well-kept public green areas in Riobamba.

Although it is not as huge as the green areas in Riobamba it sure is a good place to sit down and take a rest. Construction of the Maldonado started in 1909 and ended in June 1917.

Pedro Vicente Maldonado


The Maldonado is located in the center of town.  And is a great place to take pictures (of the statue in the middle or the Cathedral) and have ices with the whole family.

There are a lot of bolted-to-the-floor metal benches under shady trees surrounded by bright red and yellow flowers.

The Maldonado statue is surrounded by tall trees, flowers, and even has a water fountain.

It is so beautiful, and so well kept, that it's not uncommon to see people lying down on the grass or having picnics under tall shady trees.

Take a seat under a shady tree and have a snow cone!


The most dominate feature is a statue in the middle that honors Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

The Maldonado is surrounded by the most important buildings of the town such as the Cathedral, and other important government buildings.

Just across the street from the municipality and right in front of the Maldonado  is the Cathedral of Riobamba.

 Riobamba's Cathedral


Tourists can find the Cathedral of Riobamba in the center of the city, right in front  of the Pedro Viciente Maldonado.

This beautiful church that stands here today was re-built with the few pieces that were found after the earthquake that shook Riobamba to the ground in 1797.

Definitely, a place worth visiting and taking a few pictures.

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