The Best Chinese Restaurant in Riobamba is

This is definitely the best Chinese restaurant in Riobamba! My entire family and I agree that the Chinese food tastes better here, then anywhere else!

Apparently everyone else in Riobamba thinks the same, on Sundays this restaurant is packed.

Seriously, one Sunday I went there with my brother an hour before the restaurant opens.

Just because we thought it was the only way to get a table.

And there was a line about half a block long formed in front of the restaurants closed doors.

We couldn't believe it!  What did we do?  Well what could we do, other than to stand in line.

Fortunately, we did get a table, and believe me it was worth it!   

We visit this Chinese restaurant so often that the waiters don't even bother in handing us a menu anymore.

We already know it by heart!

If you ever visit this Chinese restaurant, you've got to try the pork with noddle's and the fried wan-tan with the sweet and sour sauce.

My brother swears by it!

This restaurant is right across from the station were you can take the train to go visit the Devils Nose one of the many attractions in Riobamba.

Prices range from 1.50 to 7.00 dollars a plate.

Don't know how to read in Spanish? No worries. This restaurant is one of the few that has it's menus in both English and Spanish.

The only downside to this place? No. Fortune. Cookies:(

What-the-...  Before you say it. I want you to know that there is some good news though.

When the waiters bring you back your change they place a bowl of candy on your table.

So it's safe to say that every trip to this Chinese restaurant ends on a sweet note;) 

It opens on Mondays-Sundays from 12:00pm to 7:00pm.

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