The Best Riobamba Restaurants

Looking for the best Riobamba restaurants?

Eating in Riobamba is a great and cultural experience!

The only thing better, is the low prices!

Want to know one of the many good things about this beautiful town?

Here in Riobamba is that there is a wide range of places to eat!

Many of them of course specialize in Ecuadorian-style cooking.

Here is a quick run-down of the best places to eat that you'll find.

Did you know Riobamba is one of the few places in the world where you can

get a milkshake made with volcanic ice? 

Yes, milkshakes made with volcanic ice! The first thing a tourist will notice about Riobamba aside from its breath-taking scenery is the low-cost but high quality of the food.

Want to know my favorite diner?  It's been my favorite for over ten years!

In this town there are all kinds of places to eat/diners that are sure to content even the pickiest (kids) eaters to the more demanding palates.

But breath easily no matter where you decide to eat prices won’t differ much. Again, one of the many good things about Riobamba.

After living here in Riobamba for over ten years my family and I have come up with a (small) list of the tastiest diners in town.

The list includes prices, when it opens, and what we thought was the best dish on the menu, in case you visit and are wondering what to order!

By the way checkout our #1 Chinese take out place in Riobamba!

Or are you in the mood for some typical Ecuadorian food?

Of course, if your friends and family have the same problem as my family (when it comes to meal time everyone wants to eat something different and no one is willing to compromise). 

And usually the ones who scream the loudest (my little sisters) ends up deciding where we are going to eat.

So it might be best to just go to the Riobamba Mall here there are 10 different food stands so everyone is bound to find something they like to eat.

Plus after dinner you can all go watch a movie or buy ice cream or go groceries shopping. WIN-WIN-WIN :)

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