The New and Improved Riobamba Park:
 Park Guayaquil

The park Guayaquil is the largest Riobamba park.

Often called the Children's/kids park due to the massive crowds of families

with kids that arrive to enjoy this park.

This park has something for everyone.

From swings, jungle gyms, to slides, and ice cream shops,

and an open area for playing basketball or volleyball.

There is even a man-made lake. Fun for the whole family!

The park Guayaquil has lots of tall trees, flowers, and built-to-the-floor wooden benches for parents to sit down while they keep a close eye on their kids!

This is what this Riobamba Park looks like on Sundays!

park guayaquil

Even adults can find something fun to do in this large park, for example clear areas that are perfect for playing all kinds of sports or you can take your shoes off and walk bare foot on the green grass. 

Not a fan of walking barefoot in public?  Me neither. How about just lying down on the green grass to try and relax for a while? 

Much better!

Although the Guayaquil Park is open to the public every day, there is much more commotion on Sundays.

This is the day park is PACKED with parents and their kids. Food-stands, balloon houses, battery operated children's cars, and all kinds of different ways for kids to have fun appear on Sundays.   

This is what the lake used lake look like

park guayaquil

Goes without saying that the main attraction is the lake of course. For a small fee you can rent a peddle-boat or a canoe (adults two dollars, kids below age 8 one dollar).

Be sure to visit the ice cream shops and try the homemade candy apples that the food-stands sell. When you're kids get tired of playing.

Yeah right like that will ever happen!

OK when YOU get tired running after the little rug-rats be sure to take a seat under the tall shady trees.

This is the new and improved Park and lake!

park guayaquil

I recommend seating near the lake there are many shaded benches there.

As I said before Sundays are the days when the park Guayaquil is PACKED, so if you don't want to wait on line for everything (swings, bathrooms, peddle-boats etc.)

I suggest going any other day to the Guayaquil park.

Although any other day but Sunday you won't find food-stands or balloon houses, the swings and jungles gym will still be there so will the peddle-boats, line free or course!

Also there are many green areas to have picnics and play sports.

Family fun, the best kind of fun there is!

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