San Alfonso Market

The San Alfonso market is one of the many colorful open-air markets

located in the providence of the Chimborazo, and unlike other plaza's

this one is always open.

Ecuador is a country where most of its people prefer to buy their groceries,

clothing, and other common everyday items in open air markets.

Markets such as: La Merced, La Condamine, and La Plaza Davalos.

Like most Indian markets this one has cement floors and a roof of zinc to protect the sellers and their goods from the rain and sunlight.

This market is buzzing with business since very early in the morning. When dozens of indigenous locals flock (from all over Chimborazo) to come and sell their goods.

As always bargaining is the name of the game and part of the fun. 

So don't be shy!

San Alfonso Market


This Indian market is often preferred then other markets or groceries stores in Riobamba because many people say that buying in here is cheaper.

Here you can find everything you need. This market is divided in five different sections under one roof.

These sections are: fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat and poultry, and even an area to sit down and enjoy  typical Ecuadorian dishes such as: chicken soup, roasted pork, potatoes tortillas, and fried sausage (each plate coasts 2 dollars and up).

I recommend that you visit this market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These days are "feria" or fair-days. When locals and tourists can find fresher fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry, and other goods at a bargain.

And also these are the best days to buy souvenirs for the whole family and take colorful pictures of Riobamba.

San Alfonso Church


Right across form this market is an old church.
This church was built in 1872 and it's valued for cultural reasons as well as religious.

Most church's in Ecuador are very beautiful and some are even one-of-a-kind.
In this church the walls are emphasized,

with high towers that are well structured, and iron ceiling giving this church an antique style.  

Definitely, a place worth visiting when your here in Riobamba on Vacation.

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