The Devils Nose Train Ride

The Devils Nose is the reason many tourists arrive to Riobamba and

Ecuador just to ride the world-famous "Nariz del Diablo" train ride.

OK, this is something you will definitely have to do while your here in Riobamba on vacation!

In the government of 1895 began the construction of "The world's most difficult railway". 

The technicians that were in charge of building the railroad were the Americans: Archer Harman and Edward Morley.

The New and Improved Train Station!

devils nose

This train ride is a masterpiece of railroad engineering, since it allows the train to scale a slope that goes 1800 meters up, and 2600 above sea level.

Then the railway displaces itself forward and then backwards and zigzagging, then the rails elevates and a steep summit descends.

This train ride is international recognized as one of the best attractions in Ecuador and in the province of the Chimborazo.

The Entrance To The Station

devils nose

During the construction of the railway the workers (many of which died) faced a huge obstacle an almost perpendicular wall of rock.

The sole purpose of the construction of the train was to unite the cost of Ecuador with the sierra region of the country.

Without a doubt an unforgettable experience, with breathtaking scenery.

Tourists will pass through beautiful landscapes and will be able to enjoy cultural diversity, while observing the rich tapestry of the carefully and well cultivated Andean lands.

Beautiful Isn't It?

devils nose

Such a spectacular attraction; for foreign and national tourists that want to see the variety of climates and the natural.

Cultural setting of the valley known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes.  
Tickets can be reserved at the train's administration office.

You can also sometimes buy the tickets at the train station the day of your trip, but it's best to reserve in advance.

Remember to dress warmly and bring your camera.

Oh one more thing, have fun!

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