The Mighty Tungurahua Volcano

I have lived near the Tungurahua for over ten years.

To be honest sometimes this volcano can be somewhat of a "noisy neighbor".

Lame joke I know, but it's true!

Activity restarted in 1999, and is ongoing as of 2013.

This volcano goes by many nicknames such as: "Throat of Fire", "Dark Giant", and last but not least "Mother".

Everyone here in Riobamba calls the volcano "Mama" as if they are trying to show their respect.

"Mama" likes to remind us that "she" is still a live and kickin. How?

Almost every year "Mama" will demonstrate the dangers and the beauty of living near an active peak.

Picture this:
It's late at night (pitch black) it's so late even the crickets are asleep, so silent there's not even a breeze everything is "picture still" and out of nowhere. BOOM!

The wooden floor of our house vibrates the windows rattle and everyone is up and out of bed in a flash!


We all rush to the window to see the volcanoes deadly beauty.

Red molted lava spews through the mouth of the "Mama" higher and higher each time.

We all stand at the window hypnotized, as every single shade of red shoots out of the peak and in to the sky.

An orange glow surrounds the "Mama" as it creates a new shade of red lava and then shot's it up in the pitch black sky, never to be seen again.

You can feel the floor vibrating and pulsing, the steady beat reminds me of a heartbeat.

I remember years ago when my family and I first moved here, an old lady told me that when you feel the floor of your house vibrating that it was the "heart" of the Tungurahua that was beating.

Beating for her lost lover (the Mount Chimborazo)  that betrayed her and that's why she is so angry and lets out her fury every once and awhile.

But that's a story for another time....  

Tomorrow there will be ashes on the street to clean up.

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