Guide To The Best Vacations in Riobamba

Thinking about what vacations in Riobamba would be like? You're in luck!
Use this guide to find out! Detailed info from (me) someone who's lived here for over 10 years.

Riobamba, definitely a get-away-from-it-all kind of place!

This place is recognized as one of the most beautiful towns in Ecuador

by many tourist's (and by my family or else we would have never moved here!).

Peaceful. Beautiful. Green.
Whether you're here with friends and family or alone.

This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba show you everything you need to know.

From hotels, restaurants, to fun things to do, to the popular tourist's attractions and how to get from where you are to where you want to go.

Things you have to see, food you have to try, places you won't want to miss!

This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba, is meant to over simplify and give suggestions to those planning a trip to this town. 

Riobamba is a place where you can just lay back and relax. I honestly recommend a vacation in Riobamba for anyone who is stressed out.

Soon you will see how nature can quickly ease your troubled mind or at least help you think a little more clearly.

Ready?  OK, let's get started!

Step one) Getting to Riobamba

Riobamba is a major town that can be easily reached from Quito and Guayaquil.

The bus terminal, in Quito has dozens of bus agencies that start making trips to Riobamba as early as 3:00am.

A trip from Quito to Riobamba takes 4 hours and costs around 4 dollars. A trip from Guayaquil to Riobamba takes 5 hours and costs around 5 dollars.

The (new) bus station is called "Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe", in Quito it opens every day.

And of course there are is a bus terminal in Riobamba called "Terminal Terrestre" that also makes trips to all over Ecuador.

All bus agencies charge about the same amount per ticket.

Step two) Riobamba Hotels and Accommodation's

The next step is finding a place to stay. This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba offers to help a tourist find the best accommodation's for their budget.

Let's divide them into 2 categories, higher-cost hotels and lower-cost.
First, Luxury Hotels and Inns. Who said there weren't any fancy hotels in Riobamba?  

The Zeus International is one of Riobamba's best hotels.


The Zeus International in Riobamba is definitely a favorite among tourists, this place makes a visitor feel at home.

I really don't know why it is considered a 4 star; in my opinion it's a 5 star. This is the highest anti-seismic building in Riobamba, with a capacity of 270 people.

Located in the heart of Riobamba surrounded by the city's most popular tourist's points, banks, and other commercial buildings. So it's safe to say this building is in the middle of "everything" click here to read more about this hotel.....

La Andaluza hotel is another Luxurious place to stay at

The La Andaluza hotel welcomes you and your friends and family, and offers all kinds comforts, technology, and entertainment to make your stay more enjoyable.

This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba also recommends that tourists stop by here, at least to go horse backing or take incredible pictures of the Chimborazo.

The Andaluz, is one of Riobamba's most visited hotels and tourists attractions in town! When you're in Riobamba you have to visit it!

Only here at the Andaluza can you enjoy the pure air and be surrounded by beautiful landscapes that are protected by the faithful and majestic Chimborazo click here to read more about this Hotel...

Looking for something a little less expensive?

You're in luck! This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba has a list of all the modest costing hotels in town. Plus, Riobamba is known for its low-cost-high-quality "cheap hotels," here are a few for example.

The Montecarlos is a perfect example


The Hotel Montecarlos is the only colonial style hotel in Riobamba. It was first built in the 20th century. And it's just three blocks away from the station were you can take a train to visit the Devils Nose.

The friendly staff at this hotel tries its best (and they succeed) to make you feel right at home click here to read more about this hotel.... 

So is The Riobamba Inn


The Hotel Riobamba Inn is located in the center of Riobamba, it too is near the train station. This Inn offers high quality service. This hotel was designed to make your stay relaxing and comfortable! click here to read more about this Inn....

Step three) Eating: Riobamba Restaurants

This guide to the best vacations in Riobamba also shows you were to find:

The best Riobamba restaurants? Eating in Riobamba is a great experience!

The best national and international food ever.

The only thing better, is the low prices!

Riobamba isn't Ecuador's largest town but it sure does have a lot of good restaurants! Want to know my favorite restaurant?  It's been my favorite for over ten years!

One of the many good things about this beautiful city in Ecuador is that there is a wide range of restaurants and places to eat that specialize in international, and Ecuadorian-style cooking. Here is a quick run-down of the best places to eat that you'll find.
Did you know Riobamba is one of the few places in the world where you can get a milkshake made with volcanic ice?   Yes, milkshakes made with volcanic ice!

The first thing a tourist will notice about Riobamba aside from its breath-taking scenery is the low-cost but high quality of the food.

Here there is a restaurant that is sure to content even the pickiest (kids) eaters to the more demanding palates.

But breath easily no matter where you decide to eat prices won’t differ much. Again one of the many good things about Riobamba.

After living here in Riobamba for over ten years my family and I have come up with a (small) list of the best restaurants in town.

The list includes prices, when the restaurant opens, and what we thought was the best dish on the menu, in case you visit and are wondering what to order!

By the way checkout our   #1Chinese restaurant in Riobamba!

Or are you in the mood for some typical Ecuadorian food?

Of course, if your friends and family have the same problem as my family (when it comes to meal time everyone wants to eat something different and no one is willing to compromise). 

And usually the ones who scream the loudest (my little sisters) ends up deciding where we are going to eat.

So it might be best to just go to the Riobamba Mall here there are 10 different restaurants so everyone is bound to find something they like to eat.

Plus after dinner you can all go watch a movie or buy ice cream there or go groceries shopping. WIN-WIN-WIN :)

Step Four) The Best Activities & Attractions in Town 

All the activities and attractions Riobamba has to offer!

I have hunted down Every. Last. One. For. You.

The main tourists points! Awesome stuff you don't want to miss.

So don't forget to pack your camera!

The heart of Ecuador (a.k.a. Riobamba) is surrounded by four snow-capped volcanoes (indigenous legends say these volcanoes protect this town) this mesmerizing place has the perfect balance between nature and comfortable city-life!

No matter what part of this town you find yourself in there is always something or someone (Baltazar Ushca) worth capturing on film. Click here to read about more Activities and Attractions in Riobamba...

Step Five) Last But Not Least Fun Things to do!

What are the fun things to do in Riobamba? 

Where are all the activities and attractions in this town?

I have made this list for you and your friends and family to enjoy on your vacation in Riobamba.

I have to admit it, that when I first moved here with my family in 2002, the first thing that came to my mind was, what is there to do here?

Riobamba seems just like any other little town. Green. Quite. Peaceful. Boring:(

And I thought, Riobamba doesn't seem to be like the kind of place were anything exciting (other then mountain climbing) could possibly happen, Right?

Wrong. Very wrong:) That when I decided to create this guide to the best to vacations in Riobamba.  Click here to read about more Fun Things to do...

I know you'll have a great time in this town, all I have left to say is, I wish YOU and YOUR friends and family a fabulous Riobamba vacation:)

P.S let me know all about it below;)

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