Volcanoes in Ecuador

Wondering if there are there any volcanoes in Ecuador? The short answer? Yes.
Mystical/marvelous/cultural Riobamba is surrounded by many mountains and peaks.

Here are the most popular ones (below).

That allure every year dozens of extreme sport lovers from all over the world.

According to indigenous legends these surrounding peaks "protect" this town.

At the same time that they serve as a tourist attraction.

The most solicited ones are El Altar and the Cotopaxi.

Each one has its own legend, nickname, and it's place in the hearts of the people of Ecuador, and extreme sports lovers alike.

Some of these peaks like the Tungurahua and the Chimborazo are said to be in love? Talk about original love stories!

Ecuador and its peaks are without a doubt unique in every way.
Where else in the world can you get a milkshake made with ice from a volcano?

Yes that's right, milkshakes with volcanic ice in them!

Something tells me your local ice cream shop won't be able to beat that!

It's hard to believe that a country that is so small has 45 peaks! But fortunately only one or two of these are said to be active. And the ones that are said to be active only cause minor damages (ashes and such).

On the other hand some of the remaining peaks haven't erupted since 550 A.D.!

So when you're in Riobamba on Vacation be sure to take a lot of pictures of all these spectacular surrounding volcanoes or even climb them! 

I myself have put on my New Year's resolution list "climb the Cotopaxi".

What do you think?

Have you been to Ecuador or Riobamba? If so have you ever climb a mountain or a volcano?

Scroll down for the list of the town's surrounding peaks.

Mount Chimborazo


The mount Chimborazo is the highest volcano in Ecuador, located in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. It is also a pride to the people of Riobamba. Click here to read more about the mount Chimborazo.

The Tungurahua


I have lived near the Tungurahua for over ten years. And to be honest sometimes the volcano can be somewhat of a "noisy neighbor". Click here to read more about the Tungurahua

El Altar

el altar

The Altar (El Altar in Spanish) is a beautiful snow-capped extinct volcano located in Ecuador. This peak is one of the most solicited climbs in the country. Click here to read more about The Altar...

The Cotopaxi


The Cotopaxi is an extinct volcano, the second highest summit in Ecuador, standing at a height of 5,897. One of Ecuador's most solicited mountains among climbers. Click here to read more about the Cotopaxi

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